Welcome to Wellington Fashion Week

“Wellington has a global reputation of being a collaborative and innovative community. With technology to aid them, Wellington Fashion designers are now inspiring traditional fashion cities.” – Rachel Fischbein, Founder Law on the Runway, San Fransisco.

Shop the capital city this Winter


What makes Wellington Fashion Week unique…


We are all for the industry and creating an event that is accessible to the public, enjoyable and beneficial for all that choose to attend, participate and align themselves with our brand.

The best part about Wellington Fashion Week for us is the diversity each year brings and the enjoyment that comes with meeting new faces and of course, the new season winter trends and products!

What We Do

Each year we pull together an awesome fashion event that allows you to shop your winter wardrobe and view some of the best trends and products available for the season.

We also work with a diverse group of people, businesses and demands, we are great listeners and love a good challenge when it comes to putting the festival together.

How We Work

Fashion is ever changing and always providing exciting challenges for those involved. Each year we face new demands and different needs, so being able to adapt is important.

We work with a variety of designers, businesses, sponsors and staff to bring this event together for everyone to enjoy. Being a team of professionals, good communicators and ….

Why People Keep Coming Back

Wellington Fashion Week has been attracting great media coverage, designer accreditation, attendance and now international attention. 

Why do people keep coming back? We stand out from the rest and have a strong purpose to our existence, we are relevant and provide a service that is in demand and up with the play. 

We get excited every year with what is going to take place, who will come and who we’ll meet.